Reviewing The Elements Of Fire Helmets

Volunteer and professional firefighters are required to follow safety standards as outlined by the federal and state-wide government. These standards define the grade of materials used to construct equipment and protective gear that are utilized by these individuals at any time, a fire call is received. If you wish to review gear and equipment available to you that meet these standards, visit Kaza Fire today.

Reviewing the Elements of Helmets

As you acquire the necessary work gear for your career as a firefighter, you should review the materials and styles of the helmets provided to you. The cairns helmets more specifically provide you with fiberglass shells and other flame-retardant materials to prevent you from sustaining an injury.

A Higher Level of Protection

The earflaps are included to protect your ears, neck, and face from high flames. These helmets also provide you with a retractable eyewear system, much like military-grade products can consist of your current prescription to help you see more effectively in dangerous settings. This system allows you to change out the lens when you need more protection. The way in which they are designed prevents any limitations in peripheral vision and reduces distortion.


Exposure to the Elements

The face shield and goggles that come with these models feature non-corrosive metals that stand up to wear and constant exposure to the elements. They are guaranteed never to rust or break due to exposure. Connecting fiberglass will not melt or drip in extreme temperatures and eliminates the possibility of injuries or vision restrictions at critical times.

The high-grade fiberglass is enforced with a composite to prevent cracking and breaking. The helmet will not chip or flake when exposed to high temperatures. The connecting face shield is constructed of a glass-filled polymer to withstand excessive use and maintain clear vision. All helmets are fused with Kevlar to resist damage and maintain their structure. This addition makes them a more viable choice for firefighters and any worker in high-risk work environments.

Headbands and Adjustments

The headband connected to these helmets allows you to make adjustments when necessary. This provides a more effective fit for your visor and eliminates slipping of the helmet at vital moments. The grip prevents the helmet or connecting parts from sliding or falling off; it makes its integrity at all times providing excellent protection.

As a firefighter, you must acquire the highest level of protection to keep yourself and others around you safe. This gear is vital to top job performance rates and preventing unnecessary injuries. If you wish to review the available models of cairns helmets on the market, visit firefighter gifts today.